About David Presley, Elvis Tribute Artist

Elvis red neon sign David Presley visiting Memphis

David Presley was born in Warrington in 1978. I first encountered Elvis during my early years at my grandparents’ house, as they had many of his albums on vinyl and often played them. Recollections of watching TV runs of his concerts and the odd song here and there on 60’s compilations followed, accompanied with the emphatic endorsement from my mother that this was ‘The King’!

David Presley in the Elvis Awards Room

Looking back to a childhood in 1980’s England reigned over by Queen Elizabeth, perhaps this had greater significance as a young boy looking for an aspirational figure and role model, other than my dad of course. Subconsciously perhaps the King of Rock and Roll was already imprinting his legacy on my mind.

David at statue of Elvis Beale Street Memphis

David at the Statue of Elvis Presley on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee

One of my earliest memories is listening to ‘Return to Sender’ through headphones whilst my parents watched TV in the late 1980’s. As I grew into a young teenager, Elvis weaved in and out of my life. One of my school friends for instance often sang ‘Hound Dog’ and told of the Steve Allen show in 1956 when Elvis sang to an actual hound on stage!

Living Room at Graceland Memphis

I would not see this performance until my late twenties. Twice during the early 1990’s ‘The Wonder of You’ became a family anthem at two weddings where it was sung by everyone in attendance. If I could point to the moment that Elvis Presley arrived in my life consciously then this was it.

On returning home, an Elvis Compilation cassette was to become my prized possession. All the classic tracks were in attendance and this would be forever played at home and later in my first car on the way to and from college. I dare say I influenced some of my friends who travelled with me to appreciate the sound of this incredible and timeless artist.

David Presley at Sun Records Memphis Recording Service Studios

Sun Records, Memphis

1955 Pink Cadillac Fleetwood

It was also during this period that I started to publically sing as most performers do at Karaoke nights in my home town. Whilst to begin with this was harmless fun, suddenly strangers where commenting on my voice and sound.

Once I started to get a steady income my appreciation turned to fascination. I embarked on purchasing all the Books, CD’s and DVD’s I could find, including live concerts, documentaries, movies, and of course the ’68 Comeback Special’, ‘That’s the Way it is’ and ‘Elvis Aloha from Hawaii’.

Whilst they all get watched and listened to on a regular basis, these 3 DVD’s are 24 carat gold in capturing the charisma and stature of Elvis Presley and his music. How I haven’t worn them out over the years I will never know.

David at Graceland Memorial Garden

Graceland Memorial Park

In 2006 my first thoughts of becoming an Elvis Tribute Act surfaced when I met my great friend Chris King in Coral Bay Cyprus. He invited me up to sing with him and the reaction I got from the audience, but more importantly Chris himself, made me believe I could pay respect to my idol by performing his music professionally. This was finally cemented on a family holiday where during my interpretation of ‘American Trilogy, one audience member insisted to my Priscilla that I was a tribute when of course at this point I was not.

the Lisa Marie Convair 880 Jet

My Kate has been extremely supportive to me on my journey.  In 2013 she gave me our son who we called Aaron after Elvis, and in 2015 we were blessed with our own little Lisa Marie who we have called Grace…I wonder why?  So here we are, David Presley as Elvis. I am both proud and humbled to be able to pay this tribute to my idol. Extreme care and attention has been taken to ensure that my shows leave my clients completely satisfied, furthermore that they respectfully pay homage to Elvis.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my journey and I hope that you will form part of it in the months and years to come. If I can impact on just one member of my future audiences like the ‘The Wonder of You’ influenced me, then I will have done my job in making sure that Elvis Presley has gained more loyal fans. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you very much David Presley TCB